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The WiNRADiO WR-G313 is a software-defined high-performance HF receiver (9 kHz to 30 MHz, optionally extendable to 180 MHz)  available as external version with a USB or internal with PCI interface.

This receiver is intended for government, military, security, surveillance, broadcast monitoring, industrial and demanding consumer applications.

The receiver is extremely sensitive, making it possible to comfortably read CW signals under 0.05 µV input levels, yet featuring a respectable 95 dB dynamic range making the receiver resistant to strong signal overload. The high sensitivity is also matched by that of the S-meter: The fully calibrated S-meter shows the received signal levels in dBm, µV or S-units, down to the 140 dBm noise floor. 

USB Version

PCI version


The receiver connects to an IBM-compatible PC via the USB port or fitted on PCI slot. Several receivers can be controlled by a single PC to form a multi-channel HF receiver system.

The receiver has its own on-board DSP, and does not rely on the PC sound card for the signal input; the digitization is done in the receiver itself, using a high-performance analog-to-digital converter. As the DSP performs the final stage IF filtering and all demodulation, this receiver is entirely software-defined, which means that additional demodulation or decoding modes can be easily added by a mere software change. (For example, an optional DRM decoder/demodulator is also available.)

Easily installed to any modern computer with the USB interface, or PCI slot this receiver represents an excellent mobile solution for HF listening and monitoring. 


The WR-G313 software contains numerous advanced features, many tuning and scanning options, virtually unlimited memories and a rich on-line help facility.

There are numerous demodulation modes, continuously variable IF bandwidth 1 Hz to 15 kHz (in 1 Hz increments), a 20 kHz wide real-time spectrum analyzer with 16 Hz resolution, noise blanker and notch filter. There is also an integrated recorder, making it possible to instantly record and playback the received signal. Apart from audio recording and playback, the receiver can also record an entire 20 kHz wide IF spectrum, making it possible to thoroughly analyze the received signal, and "re-receive" the same signal again and again with different IF filter bandwidths, notch filter, noise blanking or demodulator settings, to arrive at the best possible reception of weak or interference-prone transmissions.

In addition to the real-time narrow-band spectrum analyzer, there is also a wide-band spectrum analyzer which contains additional professional instrumentation facilities: the ability to display minimum and maximum spectrum sweeps, search for peaks, average spectra, save and print spectra, marker mode, etc.

Another useful feature, previously unavailable with receivers of this price class, is a test and measurement facility, performing measurements on the received signal including frequency accuracy, amplitude modulation depth, frequency deviation, THD (total harmonic distortion) and SINAD. An audio spectrum analyzer is also included, making it possible to observe the demodulated spectrum in real-time with a resolution of 5 Hz.

The unique research and education function makes it possible to explore interactive block diagrams of the software-defined demodulator, for each demodulation mode, and observe demodulation taking place on real-time signals using two spectrum analyzers and a vector voltmeter.

What's included? 

The standard WR-G313 package includes:

  • WR-G313 receiver
  • Application software
  • Comprehensive user's manual
  • Low-noise linear power supply (for E version only)
  • Start-up antenna
  • USB cable  (for E version only)
  • BNC-to-SMA adapter

WR-G313i WR-G313i HF Receiver 

Option for WR-G313i

  • /180 180 MHz Frequency Extension Option for WR-G313i 
  • /XR External Reference Oscillator Input Option for WR-G313i
  • /RO Reference Oscillator Output Option for WR-G313i
  • /IF1 10.7 MHz IF Output Option for WR-G313i
  • /IF4 45 MHz IF Output 

WR-G313e WR-G313e Receiver

Option for WR-G313E

  •  /180 180 MHz Frequency Extension Option for WR-G313e

WR-G313 Specifications

Receiver typeDSP-based SDR with DDS-based dual-conversion superheterodyne front end
Frequency range9 kHz - 30 MHz
(optionally 9 kHz - 180 MHz)
Tuning resolution1 Hz
Image Rejection
1.8-7.3 MHz: 80 dB
7.3-30 MHz: 70 dB
IP3+8 dBm @ 20kHz
Spurious-free dynamic range95 dB
MDS-135 dBm
Phase noise-148 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz
Internal spuriousLess than equivalent antenna input of -115 dBm
RSSI accuracy2 dB
RSSI sensitivity-137 dBm
Bandwidth1 - 15000 Hz (adjustable in 1 Hz steps)
Scanning speed400 steps/s (at 1kHz steps)

(AM/SSB/CW 10dB S/N)


Mode0.15‑0.5 MHz0.5‑1.5 MHz1.5‑30 MHz
AM, AMS (30% modulation)‑103dBm
AM, AMS (80% modulation)‑111dBm

Below 150 kHz, the sensitivity gradually drops.
Typical figures (CW) are:

100 kHz   -113 dBm
50 kHz   -102 dBm
25 kHz   -98 dBm
10 kHz   -90 dBm

For the 180 MHz frequency extension option, the following sensitivity parameters apply:

Mode30‑120 MHz120‑180 MHz
AM, AMS (30% modulation)‑108dBm
AM, AMS (80% modulation)‑116dBm
Intermediate frequencies
IF1: 45 MHz
IF2: 16 kHz (variable 12-22 kHz)
Roofing filter2 x 4-pole 15 kHz crystal filter
Tuning accuracy1 ppm (25°C ±2°C)
Frequency stability0.5 ppm (0 to 60° C)
Antenna input50 ohm (SMA connector)
Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.

download brochure WR-G313 1

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