Data Communications Solution

HF Multichannel SDR Receiver , Parallel Demodulation, Recording and Analysis of HF Emissions

Main Features 

  • Direct conversion Front-End architecture
  • 9 kHz to 32 MHz frequency coverage
  • 16 frequency preselectors
  • High front-end linearity
  • One to four parallel Wideband channels
  • (312.5 KHz to 2.1875 MHz wide)
  • Up to 40 parallel Narrowband channels
  • Wideband and Narrowband spectrum and waterfall
  • (with custom palette)
  • Record-and-replay of Wideband channels
  • Scheduler of recording activities
  • Support for Hoka Electronic software decoders


TitanSDR is a Software Defined Radio multichannel receiver for parallel WB (Wideband) acquisitions over the HF band, allowing simultaneous monitoring of as many as 40 NB (Narrowband) channels (Extended version). It was specifically designed for professional users,
nonetheless it can be operated by a commercial PC (Personal Computer), through standard USB 2.0 interfacing. The acquisition bandwidth can be partitioned into up to 4 WB channels
(see Technical Data for bandwidth combinations).

Spectrum and waterfall plots are provided for WB and NB channels (of both RF and demodulated audio). WB channels can be recorded on PC Hard Disk for later replay. NB channels can be recorded in parallel (into audio wav files). Demodulation is supported for main radio formats. Interface to external software decoders can be through VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) or LAN Ethernet (custom interfacing may be offered on request). Recording of both WB and NB channels can be scheduled, even to happen just on specific days of the week

Receiver Block Diagram

Software Features

In Receiver mode (as opposite of Player mode), software input is from the receiver via USB 2.0. Front-End controls allow to set the receiver input (HF or IF), the attenuation to HF input and the preselection filter
(if required). After allocating a WB channel (possible bandwidth ranges from 312.5 KHz to 2.1875 MHz), it can be tuned by mouse dragging of the corresponding shaded area over the Panoramic Scope (see next page, upper screenshot). NB channels are allocated on the Wideband Scope (down left side window) and are represented by shaded areas of the same color of their WB channel. By clicking on a NB channel shaded area, its spectrum appears on the Narrowband Scope (down right side window) where mode can be set, as well as channel bandwidth (by editing or mouse dragging its cutoff filter frequencies).
All spectrum scopes allow averaging, zooming and choosing among several data windowing alternatives. Custom palettes can be set for
NB and WB waterfall plots. Figure below illustrates how outputs of TitanSDR software may be possibly employed.

In particular NB channels demodulated output can be listened to (by PC loudspeakers), recorded on local HD (wav files) and sent to external third party software decoders, by VAC or LAN. Furthermore its spectrum can be displayed (instead of RF spectrum), as well as its waterfall plot. WB channels can be recorded and resulting archive files (proprietary format) can be playedback in Player mode. Recording of each NB and WB channel can even be scheduled through the Task Editor window (screenshot below).

All allocated NB channels are listed in the NB Channels List (see next page, lower screenshot), reporting their status and allowing to recall their controls by simply clicking on their rows.

DSP approach

Innovative pre-processing (based on filters banks) was implemented on FPGA, instead of conventional DDC (Digital Down Conversion), allowing for flexible partitioning of the acquisition bandwidth into WB channels and permitting tens of NB channels with reduced impact on CPU, even during replay of WB channels

TitanSDR Software

TitanSDR Software: Panoramic Scope (top), Wideband Scope (down left side) and Narrowband Scope (down right side)

TitanSDR Software: screenshot of NB Channels List

Frequency Range9 kHz 32 MHz
Noise Figure9 KHz - 1.5 MHz: NF = 15.25dB
1.5 MHz 32 MHz: NF = 14.2dB
Low Pass: 0-1.54 MHz
Band Pass (1.44-32 MHz): 1.44- 2.07,
1.88-2.7, 2.4-3.46, 2.96-4.26, 3.56-5.12,
4.22-6.08, 4.88-7.03, 5.53-7.96, 6.46-9.31,
7.81-11.24, 9.74-14. 03, 12.53-18.05, 16.55-
23.17, 21.67-28.17, 26.67-32
Attenuation0dB, 10dB, 20dB, 30dB
Clipping-8dBm (@ 0dB Attenuation)
Wideband Channels

Bandwidths (kHz)

Maximum Total Bandwidth (kHz)::

312.5, 625, 937.5, 1250, 1562.5 , 1875, 2187.5

2187.5 , 1875, 1562.5 and 1250 for
1, 2, 3 and 4 Wideband Channels,
Narrowband Channels40
independently tunable within
Wideband Channels
Panoramic Scope0 Hz ÷32 or 40 MHz, 5kHz RBW
Wideband Scope312.5 ÷ 2187.5 kHz, min RBW 19.07 Hz
(Spectrum & Waterfall with customizable palette)
Narrowband ScopeRF: 39.06 kHz, min RBW 19.07 Hz
(Spectrum & Waterfall with customizable
palette) Audio: 5512.5 ÷22050 Hz,
RBW 5.4 ÷ 21.5 Hz (Spectrum & Waterfall with customizable palette)
(Dream or DRM Software Radio supported)
Selectivity100 dB (Stop Band Attenuation)
Sensitivity -116 dBm (0.34 CV) SSB at
S+N/N=10dB, 15MHz, 2.4 kHz BW
RecordingOne Wideband Channel
(proprietary file format)

All Narrowband Channels (.wav files)

Scheduler function: recording at
programmable time intervals (also
day-time periodic tasks with
selectable days of week)
Interface to SW
By VAC (Virtual Audio Cable)
By LAN (support for Hoka Electronic
software decoders
customizable on request)
MemoriesSaving allowed for NB channel
frequency, bandwidth, mode, entry
time, entry date, callsign, ITU code,
station and user description
A/D Conversion16 bit, 80 Msps
Image Rejection 90 dB typ.
IIP3 >37 dBm
SFDR >108 dB
Alias Rejection 115 dB
Antenna Input 50 Ohm BNC
IF input 50 Ohm SMA - Bandwidth: 0.1÷32MHz
PC Operative SystemWindows 7/Vista/XP
PC InterfaceUSB 2.0
Operating Temperature0° - 40° (°Celsius)
Supply Voltage9VDC +/-1V
Supply Current2.5Amp
Dimensions243mm x 52mm x 145mm (WxHxL)

Product Versions

 WB ChannelsNB ChannelsWB Player ChsAudio OutputLAN Control
TitanSDR-4044040VAC, LANYES

Ordering Information

  • TitanSDR-40: Receiver (40 NB channels; 4 WB channels) + WB Player Software (40 NB channels) 

TitanSDR and 2x Code300-32 Extended (8 channels)

Package includes

  • TitanSDR  Receiver (Hardware)
  • TitanSDR Software (on CD Rom)
  • Linear PSU 220v AC 9V DC
  • USB 2.0 Cable