Technical informations - Systems

SSTV - Slow Scan TV
A picture transmission mode developed and used by the Amateur community. While these signals are FAX-like in function they do not possess the scratching quality of the FAX signal. The sound of an SSTV signal is more tonal in its composition. I do not believe that each mode can be distinguished by ear. Currently the most popular mode found on the airwaves in North America is Scottie S1, followed less frequently by Scottie S2, Robot 36 and 72 and finally some Martin M1. Europe seems to be mostly Martin M1. Frequencies to check: 14230 seems to be the most popular. Also check 3730, 7040, 21340 and 28680. The basic "standard" transfers 1 line in 8s and uses a resolution of 120x120. The sync tone used is 1200Hz, the Black tone is 1500Hz and the White tone is 2300Hz.