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Rohde & Schwarz simplex ARQ, so far found in use by German, Italian, Nairobi and Turkish Diplo services, typically 228.7bd but reports of 457.0 have been noted. Usually found with an ACF=59. There appears to be no "real" name for the data system. Some people call RS-ARQ as ALIS but strictly speaking, ALIS is only the automatic link processor and frequency management system. It is not responsible for generating the traffic. ALIS is therefore somewhat of a misnomer. The modems generating the traffic are the GM857 and GM2000. Our suggestion is to stick with RS-ARQ as the system name.  Many of the diplo users actually control their networks with MERLIN, the name for the R&S complete data-over-radio and message handling system that can transparently deal with many types of data (fax and voice included).Consequently it has many modes.

RS ARQ 228 Baud RS ARQ 228 Baud