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Pactor II
Pactor II is DSP based and is as much as 8 times faster then Pactor I. A Pactor Level II signal features 2 tones w/200Hz shift using baud rates of 100 or 200 fitting into a 500Hz channel. Pactor II is a half-duplex synchronous ARQ system and designed to be backward compatible with the older Pactor Level I protocol. The system can handle raw 8 bit data and ASCII compression. Depending on band conditions the data throughput can be increased by changing the modulation form used. Maximum throughput is 800 bps. Pactor Level II is operational in Europe and is in the manufacturing stage in the US.
 Format                           Baud rate
------- ------------------------------------
  DBPSK Differential Binary PSK     200 bps
  DQPSK Differential Quad PSK       400 bps
 8-DPSK  8-phase Differential PSK   600 bps
16-DPSK 16-phase Differential PSK   800 bps