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CIS-14 / CIS 96 / AMOR
CIS A general term defining a few systems used by Russian organizations, they are distinguished from each other by the bit lengths used: 11, 14 or 27 bits.
CIS-14 is reported to be used by Russian PTT stations on links to the former republics. CIS-14 is a two channel duplex ARQ system running at 96-192bd  others baud rates: 42.1, 47.5, 48, 50, 70.5, 72, 83.3, 84.21, 94.11, 96, 100, 144, 200 and 288 bd. This system has a 14 bit frame size with a 2 bit channel state, 2 M2 characters bit interleaved and 2 bits error detection. CIS-14 is most commonly logged running with 96bd and most traffic appears to be encrypted but at sign on you might be able to find some operator chatter and test tapes. You may find CIS-14 referenced by the name AMOR or AMOR 96 (unofficial name used by some NATO members).
CIS 14  CIS 14