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81-81/81-29 A
Russian/URS Military system with some speculation that a number of ex-Eastern Bloc countries might also make use of this system. This signal is mainly 81 bd, pseudo random, one or two characters, 12 bits, usually encrypted. Operator chatter can sometimes be found in the clear using Baudot w/Cyrillic M2 alphabet. It is mainly a 2 ch system but there is a 40.5 bd signal that is a 1 ch variant. Most commonly found baud rates are 36.5, 40.5 for the 1 ch version and 73 and 81 for the 2 ch version.

Reports from the Logs indicate a few different users of this system. The shift pattern seems to hold for the other baud rates used by this system.

Shift 125 Navy
Shift 500 Railway Authority
Shift 200,250,500, Military
Shift 1000,1500

8181  8181